Archery is practiced all over the world. As with other sports, a special area is needed for practice and competition. Bow and arrows are part of the equipment of an archer; an archery range on a flat level field is needed for the safe practice of target archery. In field archery the ground is mostly far from level, however in this discipline there exist special rules for range layout. The range layout, the procedure of shooting and the presence of a qualified supervisor are essential for the safe conduct of our sport regarding different services like climbing wall installation. Archery is a sport that is played in many different countries. Practice and competition in this sport require a dedicated space, just like in other kinds of athletic endeavors. An archer’s equipment includes a bow and arrows, and in order to safely practice target archery, an archery range that is located on a field that is both level and flat is required. Field archery takes place on terrain that is typically rather uneven; yet, the sport has its own unique set of rules regarding how a range should be laid out. It is not enough to just set up a target in some location and begin shooting arrows at it. In order to ensure that our sport is played in a manner that is free from risk, it is necessary to have a properly trained supervisor present, in addition to having a certain layout for the archery zone service. With HWZA, you may reserve an Archery Zone Installation in Pakistan. We may provide Archery zone service in parks, houses, and indoor facilities, among other places. Although you must reserve the place, most parks do not need it for open field areas. The referee will arrive before the scheduled start time to set up the fighting zones and shelters. He or she will stay for the duration of the event to referee matches and assure everyone’s safety. For bigger parties, more equipment is available; please contact us for further information.

Archery’s Top Five Health Advantages

  • Enhances concentration, every archer has to keep their attention throughout a shot.
  • Hand-eye coordination is improved as a result of this exercise. Archery teaches your hands to aim using visual input.
  • Improves upper-body strength, social skills, and confidence.
  • Designing a safe target archery range is governed by a set of guidelines.

What is Archery?

Archery is the art of shooting arrows from a bow at a target. Competitions in the sport of archery are classified in the following disciplines:
  • Outdoor target archery
  • Indoor target archery
  • Field archery
  • Clout archery
  • Flight archery
  • Novelty events
The following are prerequisites for a safe archery range: There is a clearly visible straight line on the ground, called the shooting line and archers only launch their arrows standing astride this line. In target archery there is only one shooting line for all archers, even if they are not shooting the same distances. Targets may be placed at different distances for different target lanes. There are target lanes, perpendicular to the shooting line and archers shoot only in the target lane corresponding to their place on the shooting line. Shooting is in one direction only. Archers aim continuously toward their target when drawing their bow. The bow must not be drawn in such a way that if the string was accidentally released the arrow would fly out of the safety zone.

HWZA Archery Zone Service

Archery is one of the oldest sports. We provide setup for Indoor or Outdoor Archery Range, Bow, Sight, Finger Tabs, Armguard, Arrows, Target etc. Our equipment ensures safety is always a prime consideration. We provide professional archery zone installation in Pakistan & tuning for those people that want to be certain it’s done right! We provide Archery equipment and supplies to set up camp, recreation, after school archery programs. For corporates, we make available enclosed separated spaces unlikely to be found elsewhere – to offer the highest levels of concentrated performance and ensure that hands-on archery can be experienced quickly.

Rules for designing a safe target archery zone

The range’s design must consider safety. On a target archery zone service, we set up one or more targets and choose the location for the archers to stand and fire their arrows from. The alleged shooting range is situated between the archer and the intended target. It goes without saying that the shooting range must be clear of people, animals, and obstructions.

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