What is a paintball arena?

When experienced players and proprietors of paintball sports speak about arenas, they’re talking about outdoor or indoor paintball arena setups that simulate a particular setting. Paintball venues may be constructed to mimic the professional speed of a military setting, or they can be flexibly created to provide a unique physical challenge. Consider the number of playing areas a firm has set aside for shooting activities while shopping for a paintball fun center.


HWZA is the first huge setup of indoor and outdoor paintball arena in Pakistan. It will undoubtedly be enjoyable. We provide a fantastic indoor facility, knowledge, innovative materials, and much more. Furthermore, we give you well-maintained Paintball Arena setup equipment. Paintball is an excellent activity for a fun day excursion and team development.

It may also be used for special occasions such as birthday celebrations. You can get the most out of this thrilling game. We allow you to enjoy a colorful day because of the HWZA Paintball Arena’s setup.

Paintball Arena setup

The greatest paintball arena play usually offers a variety of well-designed and well-maintained grounds where players of all skill levels may enjoy their passion for real-life, color-intense shooter situations. To put it another way, the larger the paintball arena, the greater the fighting experience.

Whether indoor or outdoor, an excellent paintball arena should have thousands of square feet of area to enable groups of players of all levels to move and analyze their play and prepare for paintball domination. If the paintball course is mostly outdoors, many acres will be devoted to improving the play and ability of paintball enthusiasts. A tiny paintball course will rapidly become monotonous and straightforward to master for skilled players. Paintball players may alter their techniques while having endless fun in wide-open regions and big situations inside.


Paintball Arena has a fantastic site, years of experience and knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, etc.

Beautiful location

Paintball Arena Setup consists of four large regions, each with its unique traits and characteristics. You may play at two of these places on your arrival.

Up-to-date material

Thanks to Paintball Arena’s well-maintained equipment, you can enjoy the game even more. A jumpsuit, paintball gun, and safety mask are provided to protect your eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and ears.

Expert guidance

Experienced Marshals constantly supervise the various game situations. They guarantee that everything runs well and that the game’s main rules are followed.

Something for everyone

Paintball is a tactical sport with a lot of different forms. As a result, a variety of games are played. For a birthday party or bachelor party, paintball will be memorable, particularly for the party boy or lady.


  • We can make certain that we have enough room.
  • We have multiple hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the premises at all times.
  • On any given activity, we never mix various groups.
  • Between guests/groups, all activities will be cleaned.
  • Professional cleaning chemicals are constantly used.

Lock & Load Fun At Pakistan Best

Indoor Paintball Arena 

Welcome to the amazing Heaven’s way Zipline Adventure indoor paintball arena in Pakistan! The indoor fields strap you into the driver’s seat of a real-life video game, and action is the game’s word. Our inbound paintballs go through obstacle-filled venues, and we play the #1 action sport that everyone enjoys.


It’s simple and basic to put the components together to play paintball. A field pass is required for each participant to use the playing area. Field passes are excellent because they let you play for as long as you have ammunition to deliver downrange. Don’t worry; if you run out, we can resupply you.

The paintball gun, complete face protection, and air that drives the paintball gun are all included in our rental package. You may not need this if you have your equipment. The last option is to choose the number of paintballs you wish to use. The length of time a party spends at our facility is determined by the Paintball Arena Setup. As a regular experience at our grounds for recreational gamers, we suggest obtaining a bag of 500 paintballs for each participant.

For ordinary gamers, 500 paintballs for each player equals around 2 hours. For normal paintball activities, there are no player minimums. A birthday party package with 6 or more players is required.


Get all of the thrills without the negative consequences! On the grounds of Indoor Paintball Arena in Pakistan, low-impact paintball is now accessible for everyone to enjoy. Play this action-packed paintball game with the entire family using a smaller, lighter ball.

Let the games begin!

Once settled, players make their way out to the fields. Paintball games on the indoor fields last between 3-5 minutes. Our field supervisors consistently make sure players are following safety rules and have a host of games to play with the group. Want a custom match? No problem you can also enjoy Sky Quad biking.

Outdoor Paintball Arena in Pakistan

Playing paintball on our 65-acre grounds that are littered with obstacles and barriers will provide you with an exhilarating experience at every turn. On our themed fields, you’ll want to take shelter behind things like airplanes, boats, vehicles, and buildings, among other things.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will keep the games interesting by providing you with a variety of game modes, such as team vs. team elimination, capture the flag, or even your match if you so choose. After the game, you may reload in our staging area, where you can also socialize with food and drink while enjoying a refreshing beverage from our snack bar.

Would you be interested in going to Paintball Arena with your family or friends?

Then why are you wasting time waiting? Get along with your buddies, get a paintball package, and dash out to the playground to participate in a thrilling paintball arena with your pals.

HWZA is here to make your events even more special, whether it’s a Birthday Party, a Bachelor Party, or a family gathering, and transform them into moments that will be remembered for a long time.

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